Privacy Policy:

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Privacy policy

1. Data collection and usage

Each access to the main page and the "Earn Money with Sudoku" page is documented for statistical purposes. Following data are saved: The visitorīs IP address, the requesting browserīs language preferences as well as date and time of the request.

2. BunnyCards

When a BunnyCard is sent, the senderīs name, email address and IP address, the receiverīs name and email address, the BunnyCard message and the sending date and time are saved. These data are deleted 28 days after the sending. The amount of sent BunnyCards is documented. When a BunnyCard is received, no individual-related data are saved.

3. Cookies

No cookies are used on this webpage.

4. Usage and propagation of individual-related data

The data saved upon visiting the main page or the "Earn Money with Sudoku" page (IP address, browser language preferences, request date and time) can be used for statistical purposes by the website operators. The website operators are allowed to publish the resulting statistics. The data saved upon sending a BunnyCard are used to facilitate the receiver to fetch the BunnyCard. These data are not propagated to a third party. For the statistical evaluation of the BunnyCard service the amount of sent BunnyCards per day is used.

5. Right of Access

If a user of the BunnyCard service wishes to have insight into all BunnyCards sent from his email address, he has to send a request both per mail and email (from the corresponding email address, as an email address verification). He subsequently receives a reply email with links to all existing BunnyCards sent from his email address. BunnyCards older than 28 days cannot be accessed because the required information is deleted after 28 days. The contact data are listed in the privacy policy.

6. Security advice

Although we do our best to save your data as secure as possible to prevent access by third parties, we cannot guarantee complete data security regarding the communication via BunnyCards (email). Therefore we recommend to send confidential information through the post!